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    Quick opinion

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Buy a dirt cheap, very dirty Simonelli Nuovo Premier (old model, forward back steam wand, requires repainting etc due to age) for $cheap and refurb, or spend a couple of thousand on an excellent condition second hand Wega Atlas.

    Or do I save my pennies and buy something new when I can afford it?

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    Re: Quick opinion

    dont underestimate possible cost of refurb. My rancilio (about 10yrs old) really diddnt need much at all - maybe $80 for all gaskets etc, $50 for powdercoating. Plus lots of time. My pavoni (about 35 yrs old) is probably looking more like $150 gaskets etc, powdercoat and paint $80+$100, new 2way $85, some rechroming $100?, new switches etc $40. Id personally always go the old and fix up just because I enjoy it.


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