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Thread: G10 by Expobar

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    G10 by Expobar

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    Hi there

    I have an Expobar two group G10 & lost the manual. Does anyone here know their way around the machine in detail. Millage programming is not an issue but any other details in relation to other programming options within the touch pad i.e brew head temp changes, would be much appreciated.

    Happy New Year!


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    Re: G10 by Expobar

    Hi Mahalia,

    I have the programming manual from the Expobar Elen which shares the same controller module with recent G10 models (3d5 Lux).

    Have a version scanned into 8 seperate pages and can email to you - please PM me.



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    Re: G10 by Expobar

    Hi Jeff

    Thanks for your reply, spoke to Dean (Expobar) now hes available from having some time out and have got all the info I need.

    Warm regards,


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    I could use that INFO too..I need to know how to get into the Technician Menu of the onboard computer so I can change the Custom message and set temps etc etc ... Contacted Expobar (Disave) but they only sent me thhe standard user manual ... Any help would be appreciated

    FOUND IT !!
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