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Thread: Faema E98 A1 manual

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    Faema E98 A1 manual

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    Im trying to get hold of the manual for this machine i was given. i have just had it serviced so im ready to go.
    i really dont know much at all about using commercial machines so wanted to read up on it.
    does anyone have or know where i can get the instruction manual for this machine.

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    Re: Faema E98 A1 manual

    Wow - thats a nice gift.

    I think the Faema E98 A1 is supposed to be very similar to the La Cimbali Junior DT1 (M21 Junior) so if you cant find the right manual for your machine, try searching for the La Cimbali.

    Here are some manuals for the E98 S1 but that probably wont help you too much.

    This is an extensive review of the La Cimbali Junior DT1 showing probably more instructions on how to use it than a manufacturers manual is likely to:

    good luck,


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