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Thread: Machine service in sydney

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    Machine service in sydney

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,
    Im Liam Doyle, a freshly recruited coffee snob.
    I just picked up a boema "all origional"single group for $450!! (my wife was only a little shocked by its size when it came home!!)

    It does need a service and a few minor (i hope) repairs done, can anyone reccomend a service centre in sydney i can trust (price and quailty!). I found essential coffee services in bankstown so far, anyone had experience with them?


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    Re: Machine service in sydney

    your best bets would be to talk to the site sponsors all are excellent and can help you out

    <----------- click over there
    Di Bartoli
    Jet Black

    they should give you the best options for servicing

    there is also non-sponsor Sydney espresso services in Brookvale who i have used and have had good service from.

    Thats a good price if its only needing a service

    good luck

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    Re: Machine service in sydney

    Ring Boema. They will have a list of service agents they can recommend.
    Hopefully all you will need is a service.

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    Re: Machine service in sydney

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs Liam.

    Ive spotted that place myself when my wife worked nearby.
    I havent been inside but imagine they fix "appliances" not real coffee machines.

    Best bet, as already suggested, would be to contact the sponsors suggested and ask if they can help.

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    Re: Machine service in sydney

    Thanks for that. Rang Boema and they said they can serivce it for $300.

    Sound reasonable?

    Also, id like to have a go as most of the service myself at some stage, any idea where I could find some instructions on that sort of stuff?


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    Re: Machine service in sydney

    Hello Liam and welcome to CS/

    FWIW my opinion is you dont service coffee machines. You rectify as necessary, which means "breakdown" service (minor or major, but its still breakdown service...)

    There are no user serviceable parts inside a coffee machine.

    You can do (virtually) whatever you like from the outside. That generally means backflushing the group, and for the more adventurous, replacing a group seal. If you back flush, there is no point disassembling the shower & backing plate assembly to clean the shower, because it will be clean as a whistle....waste of time and effort...except if you were going there to replace the seal anyway.

    The weakest link in a Bo-Ema is the steam & hot water valves & knobs, closely followed by the group seal.

    Do not touch the group solenoid valve (on older models external to body from memory). It involves electrickery, and electrickery kills. Thats for a service agent.

    I dont favour a flat fee over the phone service fee quote. No one knows whats wrong wit the machine until they see it amd check it out.

    Would rather take machine in and get a quote for specifics and then approve or disapprove of that. *If you are charged an up front "quote fee" it is entirely appropriate and generally is deducted from the cost of the service invoice at end of job. If for whatever reason you decide not to go ahead with the repairs, you generally forfeit the quote fee which goes towards time already spent to diagnose the problem and calculate the quote for you.

    Bo_Ema are good people even if they are not CS sponsors and they are after all, the manufacturer. If you were going to go to Bankstown to get a "third party" to do the job you may as well go the extra mile and take it direct to the manufacturer.

    Good luck,
    very first CS site sponsor.

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