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Thread: Rancilio Classe 10 USB

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    Rancilio Classe 10 USB

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    Just wondering if any one know anything about Rachilio Classe 10 USB 2 Group?
    Thinking buying one?!
    Thankyou :) :o

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    Re: Rancilio Classe 10 USB

    I just upgraded (by way of a gift) from my sunbeam EM6910 last week to a $4500 Rancilio Classe 10 USB 2 group machine (birthday gift)!

    My Sunbeam was on the fritz, so they replaced it free of charge under warranty with a new one... Now I have to figure out this monster of a toy - fully automatic Rancilio Espresso Machine... It is almost 800cm wide, and 600cm high so takes up a lot of kitchen real estate and doesnt look like it belongs in the home. It weights over 90KG but I guess Ill have the best coffee in the whole neighborhood once I figure out how to use it!

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    Re: Rancilio Classe 10 USB

    Any videos or photos or tips/tricks with your machine would be nice, Id be happy to share if you want me to PM you?

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    Re: Rancilio Classe 10 USB

    Wow, happy Birthday kg!

    That looks like one serious machine for the kitchen, Im guessing you are going to need some equally serious wiring and plumbing to run it?

    I read the Rancilio blurb on it and loved this gem:

    The Classe 10 is equipped with the new SEQ (standard espresso quality): the computer alerts the barista if the dispensing is not perfect.

    Just what we all want first thing in the morning, a nagging espresso machine.
    ;D del=18&id_category=2

    I look forward to seeing how you get on. From the specs it certainly looks like an interesting machine.

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    Re: Rancilio Classe 10 USB

    still want to know how to make this kind of present (to me!) acceptable...

    if I insert a computer chip (PID?) in my wifes brain that demands coffee every hour that might work... but would it be ethical?

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