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Thread: Upgraded again - this time Iberital Lanna

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    Upgraded again - this time Iberital Lanna

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    A bit of luck and an eagle eye for coffee equipment on Gumtree has landed me the following setup for a rather cheap price :)

    Replacing my Oscar I now have an Iberital Lanna. It was apparently only used for 10 months and the cafe needed something bigger.

    My first impression on pickup was "Its bloody huge!!!" Pretty big - about twice as big as Oscar was...

    Anyway - Gave it a good cleanup...the manometer is not working, but it is still pulling a beautiful shot :)

    The 5 hole steam tip was literally blowing milk out of my jug, so I plugged the bottom/center hole and all good now, nice silky smooth microfoam

    Will be pulling the mushroom out to check for scale in the next few weeks.

    Anyway - just a bit of a gloat :)

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    Re: Upgraded again - this time Iberital Lanna

    Nice one mate, this machine is rated pretty highly and will be awesome for entertaining.

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    Re: Upgraded again - this time Iberital Lanna

    Good pick up there...the Lanna is a great little machine! I rate its steam highly too! 8-)

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