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Thread: Theft of Giotto Evoluzione V1

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    Theft of Giotto Evoluzione V1

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Theft of Giotto Evoluzione V1

    Further to my post in the Alex Duetto discussion thread, a Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V1 SN#D1139GEV4276 was also stolen from site sponsor Dimattina Coffee WA. The SN is found on a build sticker on the chassis underneath the machine.

    Please keep an eye out for any fast buck, too good to be true deals in the usual places.

    We can only hope that the god of karma smiles on the thieves in the form of misfortune in the near future.

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    It's a shame the theft of the Alex and the Giotto happened at a place where these cool people like Simon, Jono, Kaya and Maddie work.

    Apart from those two, was anything else taken like accessories, beans, grinders, other machinery etc?

    I can help by looking at Ebay, the Gumtree website, the local Quokka newspaper and the Sunday times. I don't know if there's any other sites or media that the machines can be advertised.
    Am sure if there's any WA snobs here that can tell us where else they may turn up, then drop a line here.


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    Thats a real shame to hear of the theft, will keep a look out for any of these machines here in Perth .

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    High-end espresso machines are an odd choice for thieves, since they will be difficult to fence locally, unless they're rebirthed into a black market offshore. I've read about "professional" racketeers, highly organized, who target luxury goods, exclusive brand names etc which they ship to foreign markets - expensive cars, boats. Even fully laden cargo ships have been known to go missing from the high seas. Hope the goods are recovered.

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