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Thread: La San Marco Sprint 95-E fixer-uppa (2 grp)

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    Lightbulb La San Marco Sprint 95-E fixer-uppa (2 grp)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I can get one of these La San Marco Sprints from a local cafe for close to nothing. Was thinking about a fixer-uppa project.

    The staff at cafe said it switched itself off for a bit... and then back on...
    As they had another machine this one got put in the garage and never checked out.

    Would need a sparky to check it out.

    One of the panels is held on by gaffa tape and one of the group panel covers is missing which makes pressing the dosing buttons on that side a problem.
    Comes with filter/braiding/group handles. It's 4500w element.

    I see there's parts available on coffeeparts, but like anything it could get expensive.

    Anyone got experience with these machines or wants to say "run, run away!" ?

    e.g. pic
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    I had a single group (95E) for 14 years - REALLY good machine. Solid, well built. I bought it from the guys at "Rio Coffee" in Adelaide who were excellent
    Go for it
    Dr Dave
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