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Thread: Faema Legend steam valve

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    Faema Legend steam valve

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    This was originally posted on HB but had no replies so hope I'm not pissing anyone off by cross threading. Does any coffeesnobers have any views. Cheers.............Dennis

    The steam valve on my legend seems to have a few sticking points when I open the valve. It seems to stiffen up then loosen when I'm steaming milk. It's around 3 months old and I'm wondering if there is something I can do to make it a smooth operation upon opening and closing the valve. I was thinking of undoing the nut on the hot water valve and exchanging that valve with the steam one. Any ideas before I contact the vendor?

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    Its most likely got some buildup ( probably sucked up some milk ) on the thread , try disassembling it , clean the threads and apply a little food grade , hi temp lubricant.

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