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    Faema Express

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    Does anyone have any experience with Faema Express 2 Group E61 ?
    I just acquired one that hasnt been used for a while, everything seems to work OK, but the motor and/or pump makes a fair bit of noise. I would assume it should stop pumping at some point in time when the boiler is full, but it doesnt seem to, and the gauge doesnt seem to be right, in the white part it reads about 1.5 to 2 bar, but the red part of the gauge doesnt move off the mark.
    I dont know much about this machine but I think one part of the gauge reading is for water pressure and the other for steam pressure ?
    It actually produces a half decent crema and heaps of steam but its just so noisy.
    Any help ?

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    Re: Faema Express


    I dont know your particular machine.... but much would be in common with other commercials (like mine)....

    If the pump keeps running and trying to fill the boiler (Im assuming here it is plumbed in) then the water level sensor is probably covered with scale.... it is therefore insulated.... and doesnt detect when there is sufficient water in the boiler. There should be a sight glass.... a tube with a little floating ball which shows the water level - this should be between Min and Max (normally on the tube or alongside the tube). If it is overfilling the boiler, get the water sensor cleaned (or do it yourself if you feel confident to tackle that job) ASAP!!!!.

    The gauge showing 1.5 to 2 bar would be steam pressure (which mostly is about 1.1 Bar when up to full steam). The other gauge would be brew pressure.... and that will show normal mains pressure - about 3.5 - 4.5 Bar at rest and 9 Bar when extracting espresso.

    Now if it isnt plumbed... but you are drawing water from a tank - many pumps need positive pressure on the supply side (about 3.5 Bar) for them to work properly.... The pump might not be able to suck enough water to fill the boiler properly (and could be damaged if you continue to use it that way).

    And if you cant see the water level in the indicator..... dont turn the machines heaters on..... the water level might be low...... resulting in a burnt out heater element!

    New elements $100 or so..... new pumps are $200-250 - damaging either can wipe the smile right off your face :(

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Faema Express

    Thanks JavaB,
    I pulled the motor and pump out of the system and discovered the pump was really noisy, so I pulled that to bits and discovered the top bearing was rusty and therefore grinding noisily. Ive ordered a replacement pump ($128) and hopefully that will fix that problem, Ive plumbed the water in, if you can call it that, (attached a garden hose to the inlet). I dont think the pump was pumping anything and the boiler is being filled with just mains pressure water .
    The brew pressure does not show on the red gauge, even though there is obviously brew pressure available as I can make a half decent coffee with it, so perhaps the gauge is faulty. Ill check that out too and Ill replace the pump this weekend and see what happens.
    Im interested in your comment on the water level sensor, Im not sure where it is but Ill check that out, as it may as you say not be detecting the level - I can see water in the tube but its difficult to tell what the level is..

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    Re: Faema Express

    Hi Camelot,

    It sounds like youve got a very similar machine to the one Ive just acquired (La Pavoni twin E61 lever machine). My pump was also cactus, but completely so. The bearing was siezed. You seem to have sourced a reasonably cheap replacement pump though. Mine is about $180.

    The water level probe that JavaB is referring to will be directly on the top of the boiler. It will have a wire attached to it and usually a white teflon insert visible, which seals the electrode into the boiler. I have taken some pictures of my machine in this thread The water level sonsor is visible as the right-most protrusion on top of the boiler (you can see the white teflon sleeve). The overpressure relief valve is left-most and there is a small cap in the middle.

    Its easy to loosen the lock nut that tightens the teflon sleeve and remove the electrode, wipe it clean, replace it and re-tighten the nut.

    Goodluck with geting it running.

    BTW check out the poll for silicone boiler insulation that Mal is running. If you insulate the boiler, it will dramatically cut down the power useage to a point that will probably make it comparable (or even better) than running a small domestic/prosumer machine.



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    Re: Faema Express

    Camelot, just a word of advice on garden hoses. They are not food grade and can be dangerous to your health if used to conduct drinking water. If you intend to jury rig your machine to the mains supply via a hose, changing to a food-grade hose would be a good idea. They are available at places like Clark Rubber.


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    Re: Faema Express

    And also coming straight from mains water means youll be loading it up with minerals just waiting to deposit somewhere on something expensive - got a filter system set up for it?

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