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Thread: Rancilio Classe 9 X-celsius

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    Rancilio Classe 9 X-celsius

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    This week weve had Carlo from Rancilio at my work demonstrating the new Classe 9 X-celsius.
    Have to say its a very cool piece of hardware , and unlike anything else on the market.

    The grouphead has an internal pid controlled element and has very little thermal mass. and there is an additional valve controlling distribution of hot and cold water to the group , this allows the brew temperature to be profiled up or down ( or flat ) during the extraction .

    Its quite amazing the difference in taste depending how the temperature is profiled.

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    Was there a profile that could be described as better from what you tasted?

    Is it programmed to do a start and end temp only or is it constantly variable over a shot?

    Looks interesting anyway, dont think they should have put such a cool new piece of tech in such a plain box.

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    Yes I thought the profiling up was better , im not good with tasting terms yet but the NZ champion barista pulling shots said it had a more rounded body.
    Coffee was some single origin brazil that had been out of the roaster about an hour.
    Temp is just a start and finish point , and can be a max of 5 degrees between 88 and 95. Can also be flat but able to set different temps.

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