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Thread: Brita C150 filter bypass setting

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    Brita C150 filter bypass setting

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    I've recently purchased the C150 kit and have plumbed in my giotto evo. The filter bypass was set to 30 and I haven't moved it.

    It is directly plumbed into the machine so the water will only be used for the machine (have the fridge plumbed for drinking water).

    Since it is purely used for espresso should I be setting the bypass to 0?


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    Hello ogi,

    30-50% bypass is recommended for Melbourne.

    We have tested our water and run 50% bypass at le shed.


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    Hi ogip,

    The two basic numbers you are aiming for is a Total Hardness of 68 mg/L and Total Dissolved Soilds of 150 mg/L. (Read around and you'll get a bit of variation but based on my homework these numbers would get the tick from most. Less hardness might result in less scale but will start to affect the taste according to the experts.) So I think the best approach is to measure what you're getting and adjust the BP valve to suit. The bare minimum is to measure the TH (either with strips or a kit from pet fish shop) and get that about right. Hope this helps.


    PS one of my local coffee shops has a TDS meter and was happy to measure my samples - thanks Tim!!

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    Thanks Gents.

    Is it ok to take a sample from the machine? (Water wand maybe)? Or can I use the little drain that is on the filter head?

    The next step would be the test? Where in Melbourne can I get both the tests done?

    Thanks again.

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