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Thread: diy pre infusion circut

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    diy pre infusion circut

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    wondering if anyone had attempted a diy pre infusion circuit before, i have a two group faema due that's a semi auto so no programed shots. I would like to make a little board with a button for each group to run a pre programed pre infusion circuit, was thinking this could be done from adrino or some other simple timer setup

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    Line pressure pre-infusion?

    Could be done very simply with arduino, also need a power supply and enclosure for it, a couple of buttons, something like a "SainSmart 2 Channel 5V Solid State Relay" to actually open the a brew solenoids and also a beefier ssr to start the pump. The program would be pretty simple I can whip up an example after my exam tomorrow

    You could also use a potentiometer to have the timing adjustable between shots, then add an lcd, set up timers to turn on/off your machine etc etc you can go nuts

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    Totally different machine and probably solution but it was attempted on a BZ35:

    Adding preinfusion to a rotary pump machine - Espresso Machines •

    Was much simpler in terms of electronic design, no buttons, led's etc. etc.

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    Yes a lot of things could be done with the time, money and inclination but, honestly....from my view a waste of money and time.

    If you really want to do this, I would suggest only doing it to one of the two groups so that you can run comparative testing on the one machine to see if it was worth doing. you think the quality of the coffee has been improved significantly or at all, by fitting the pre infusion circuit, when compared to the coffee made in identical manner (in so far as it can be), on the other group.

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