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Thread: M20 Help - Manual and Wiring advice

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    M20 Help - Manual and Wiring advice

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    Hi All-

    I am starting to work on a Cimabli M20 single group. I have the usual request if anyone can help me to get a manual please.

    I am trying to figure out of this unit is setup for single phase power already. There is a basic wiring diagram inside the switch box showing the wiring to the switch for both 308 and 220 3 phase but the current wiring is different than both of those. So the wiring of that switch for 220 single phase would be super helpful. Also knowing what all in the machine needs to be changed to take it from 3 phase to single phase so I could check the status of that and see what if anything I need to do.

    I appreciate any and all help. Thanks-

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    What country are you in?

    Maybe a picture of the power switch would help, but in general, if there are straps / links joining 2 lots of three terminals together on the power switch as well as 2 lots of doubled up wires in the plugs it MAY be wired for single phase.
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