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Thread: ECM Raffaello refurbishment successful!

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    ECM Raffaello refurbishment successful!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,
    Just wanted to share some follow-up on a machine I was working on awhile back. A friend bought it from a closed-out cafe for $250 and brought it to me for repair. It was badly scaled-up and missing its portafilter but on power-up did come to pressure and all functions still seemed to be working, however sluggish. It took forever to get parts, but all I needed was a few standard seals, a pilot light, and a new portafilter. I chose a Rocket bottomless portafilter that came with a triple basket, luckily the double and blind baskets were still with the machine. I got a deal on a Rattleware 58mm tamper. So after descaling, rebuilding the group and resealing everything, along with several hours buffing-out scratches in the paint and blemishes on the nickel-plated boiler, I plugged it in and everything came up perfect. The pump and pressurestat thankfully, needed no adjustment or replacement. Really looking forward to delivering it tomorrow. Have a look. An ugly before pic at the end upon removal of panels. They always look terrific on the outside, which seems to be why a good machine and a completely flogged machine always seem to have the same asking price. Except, luckily, in this case.
    Thanks to everyone for the free advice. Cheers
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    Hi there!

    She looks in much better shape than before! I know it has been a year that has passed by now but how is she working? I am actually keen to acquire one to recon for personal use.

    Did you have much difficulty descaling and replacing the parts? I don't have much experience in all these but I am really really keen to carry this project out. I know it's hard to look for ECM parts now except for maybe generic e61 parts. I foresee I'll probably have more difficulty since I am based in Singapore.

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