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Thread: Cimbali M28 programming woes, and other things...

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    Cimbali M28 programming woes, and other things...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi there, and thanks for having me!

    Long time coffee nuts, never had anything bigger than a small home machine, got my hands on a M28 Selectron DT2 for little money.

    Finding a manual is ...well... close to impossible, but I did manage to find a M29 manual and I can only guess it is pretty similar.

    The procedure for programming the machine is to press the STOP button of the group for over 8 seconds and wait for the intermittent beeping, then put a filter on, press the desired button and hold until the cup is filled then release the button.

    BUT... no go...

    I get to the beeping sound after the initial 8 seconds... I press the desired cup button, but the water stops by itself and the machine emits a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, then resumes the intermittent beeping. I can only guess that long beep means "error" but have no clue what the error is.
    I repeated this many times, and it just doesn't want to "learn".

    Also, only one group work, the other side, I can hear the pump but no water is coming out... maybe a stuck valve or tube somewhere...

    Lights next to the water level glass do not light, but the dial thermostat works and gets into the green area.

    So, first thing first... anyone has an idea how to fix the programming?

    Thanks a bunch!

    PS, I'm not in Australia, I live in Taiwan!

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    nobody uses Cimbali anymore?

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    Hi Perceval,
    And welcome to CoffeeSnobs.
    I'm sure if your patient someone will be able to assist you in some way.
    In the mean time try doing a search or two on the forum,
    there may be information already on CoffeeSnobs that will answer your question.

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    Hi Craig,

    I should've said that I searched for a few hours already, finding nothing either here or around the web. There are some posts about how to program the machine, but nothing about that long error beep. I've also emailed the Cimbali rep and have had no answer for about a week now.

    That's why I posted this.

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