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Thread: Expobar MegaCrem HELP

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    Expobar MegaCrem HELP

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    Hi All,
    Not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but here goes...

    I have a Expobar Megacrem group 1 machine with built in grinder.
    Today it decided it wasn't going to make any more coffees.
    The blue LED keypad lights when pressed but wont flash and won't make the usual clicking sound.
    Instead it lights up and makes a humming sound but no water comes out.
    The steamer and hot water taps work.
    Any ideas as to what might be happening with it?
    thanks in advance...

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    same problem

    I've got a 2 group and im having the exact same problem (on one group only, the other one wors fine). It only started today, although it happened to me about 12 months ago and some how fixed itself. i just pulled off the top and got a replacement switch from jaycar but unfortunately its not the switch. i'm just hoping its not a solenoid issue.

    mine is also making the humming sound of the pump as normal to only thing is the water isn't coming out. ive just turned it off to cool down and once thats done ill check all the connections within the machine.

    any one had this problem?


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    Did you just back flush with chemical?? Sometimes if you don't flush it out properly it blocks up the solenoid valve.

    Otherwise the solenoid has just failed

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    If the pump is activating when you press the brew button, the solenoid coil may be okay. Test the solenoid by putting it on another group that works. There is a way of testing with a screw driver, but not sure how safe it is, so wont mention it. Someone who knows more than me can comment how safe that is.

    You most probably have a blockage. You can pull the solenoid valve off. Remove the 4 allen head bolts.

    Take the power off and the water before you do this.

    Once the valve is off, turn the water back on to the machine (mains) and if the water runs from the orifice, the blockage is not there. Check the top of the solenoid valve and make sure there is no dirt in the top. Re-install and check. Make sure you put the valve back correctly with the holes in the valve and group head alining. Otherwise it will not flow.

    If its still not running, the blockage is probably in the small jet in the group head, under the big chrome nut.

    Just my 2cents.

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