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Thread: Faema E98 A manuals??? Help?

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    Faema E98 A manuals??? Help?

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    Hello all: glad to find your little corner of the web!
    I am trying to get a faema E98 A up and running. I bought it from a closed cafe. Brought it home, fill the tank dropped the plumb line into a bucket of water and turn it on. I hear electro whiring but it will not pull water into the boiler. It will go for a bit then the water kight blinks and it shuts down.
    Any help would be appreciated!

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    On mine, sometimes the tueb in the tank can get a bit of air and has trouble sucking in water. The tube goes up then down again (connecting to the water softening filter) so if it has run dry, this could happen. Give the tube some positive water head and see if it sucks it in.

    the machine turns off the element if the water in the boiler is low and it cant not fill it.


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