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Thread: rancillio boiler material?

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    rancillio boiler material?

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    Im looking to de scale my boiler on a rancillio classe 8, however this is the first non copper boiler ive done and i cant figure out what the boiler is made of. I know citric acid will ruin the finish on a plated boiler. Im not sure if this is plated or stainless, is there another procedure i should be following to preserve the finish. Since the boiler came non attached filling it was not really an option, the only thing i can thing of at this point if i cant submerge it is to buy plugs for every hole and fill it from the top.
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    Looks like nickel plate to me, try to get some light into the boiler and look in through one of the other holes to see if you can get a look at the internal walls, generally only the exterior of the boiler will be plated (as far as I know at least)

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    It's copper, and ".....generally only the exterior of the boiler will be plated....."

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