I'm new to this forum but have found some helpful information and am hoping some kind souls might be able to assist further.

I've just come into possession of a Azkoyen Vienna, 10 years old. We bought it cheaply with the understanding it was in working order, but it appears after having sat unused for a year or so that that no longer is the case.

When water is turned on, water fountains out of what I believe is the pressure release valve. This was true even before we powered it up. When powered up it seemed to not do it so readily, however as soon as the pump kicked in, sure enough it would overflow. I am guessing this is due to a faulty pressure release valve, perhaps a worn spring inside the mechanism. Without this issue being fixed, it's a bit hard to ascertain if that's the only things that's not working.

Not understanding the mechanics of the plumbing, if there is no power or if the pump is not running, should the plumbed water still flow straight into the boiler? Even if it is, presumably the pressure release valve shouldn't blow with just water mains pressure.

I'm struggling to find online where I could buy a replacement part? Any pointers? Haven't worked out how to post photos yet, otherwise I would!

Thanks in advance,