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Thread: La Cimbia Junior D restoration

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    La Cimbia Junior D restoration

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    hi y'all,

    i'm new to coffee machines restoration. i found an old (20 year old?) la cimbia junior d, it is a bit rusty, very dirty and heavily scaled.

    a few questions:

    1 - how do i clean it, especially the hollow parts (boiler, head, pipes and tubes)?

    2 - where can i find missing/broken parts over the web - mainly gaskets and the bolt that connects the heat exchange tube to the head?

    3 - any other hints, tips and tricks will be welcomed.


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    Check out coffeesnobs sponsor, coffeeparts for spare parts

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    Hello and welcome!

    Yes coffeeparts have great service and heaps of parts available. You might need to look under Faema for the E98 group, as the Cimbali pages show a different design. The schematics are very clear so you can see which is yours.

    There are several threads of people restoring/fixing this machine and other similar ones. Do a search and you will find a wealth of info.


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