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Thread: La Cimbali problem

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    Question La Cimbali problem

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    Hi, 2-3 years ago I reconditioned a La Cimbali Junior D/1, descale, new gaskets etc.
    situated in my man cave , managed to get maybe 50 coffees out of it before problem hit, so covered it up and forgot about it untill recently.

    Fired it up again last week, fills heats to pressure, auto stop at full/pressure, plenty nice steam at wand, plenty steamy hot water at spout BUT as soon as i hit the button for to make a coffee....nothing no water from brew group , distinct humming sound coming from somewhere. Any suggestions gratefully welcomed. Although machine is in good condition, parts seem to be expensive, is it worth fixing it?

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    I have a lacimbali jr and am very happy with it, the humming noise may come from rotary pump and the no water flow could be from a faulty solenoid valve that fails to open after extended hibernation period. This is one theory

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    It could also be a frozen pump.

    This is a heavy duty commercial quality machine with a current MSRP north of $5,000. They are easy to work on and parts are readily available world wide. It is rare to see this machine available for sale as buyers love it and they run forever. So yes, it's well worth repairing!

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