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Thread: Faema Mercurio leak

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    Faema Mercurio leak

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    I restored an early Faema Mercurio a couple of years ago and have used it almost every day without any problems. Now I have a leak around the piston rod only when the piston is down. I found some discussion about an identical machine here, and the comments about gaskets and inlet holes apply to my machine.

    With the piston down, the three water inlet holes are above the piston, so it seems the design is to have water in the cavity above the piston. I turned the machine on briefly with the piston assembly removed, and water flowed from the three holes near the piston but nowhere else. So when the piston rises, where does that water go? I must be missing something.

    From the previous discussion, there is a small cup washer on the piston rod, and I'm thinking that is the cause of this leak. How do I get to this washer? I don't want to deal with compressing that massive spring only to find there is another way to replace it.

    Finally, I didn't have to replace any of the gasket on the piston or piston rod in the restoration. Does anybody have a source for these gaskets?
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    Hi there, i'm afraid you have to remove the spring and piston to change that seal, the group is a saturated group, and the seal sizes are here;

    A look inside the Faema Mercurio - Lever Espresso Machines - Page 2 •

    I had a couple made from food grade EPDM at a seal makers , i think Doug (who restored your group if i remember correctly?) got one of the seals from a French restorer called Pascal, he may be willing to send you some as he had quite a few made up. He should be able to help you with piston seals also, send me a PM for his contact details

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    Hello apolune, I was the owner of the Mercurio you referred to in the post above.

    Contact Site sponsor, the coffee man (George). He will have everything you need, including good advice.

    All the best

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    Lovely machine and wonderful build quality. Almost looks as though you'd need a license to operate it...

    Hiya Den...


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