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Thread: Vintage Faema E61 2 group initial setup

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    Question Vintage Faema E61 2 group initial setup

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    Hi all, whilst having plenty of spare time here in Barcelona, after relocating from Melbourne for my wifes work, i have just purchased a late 60s Faema e61 from italy, this is the first "commercial" type machine i have purchased, so i am not very familiar with the initial setup, my first concern is does the machine need to run with an external pump?, i have been told that if i have good water pressure i will not need a pump (but this does not make sense as the big thing about the E61 is the use of a pump to pressurise the water, is what i thought)
    However the seller informs me that it is possible to run without a pump. (very confused)
    Also the machine has come with 2 sets of wiring connections, 1 x 3 core (blue, brown, and yellow green) (i know yellow green is earth) and the other has 4 cores (blue ,black, brown and yellow green)
    Now i presume that the 3 core is to connect to the pump, but the 4 core has got me confused

    The intention will ultimately be to take this back to my home bar when we come back to Melbourne

    Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated

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    You will have power for the machine and then a lead for connection to an external pump and motor.

    You will require a pump and motor to operate the machine as your mains pressure will likely be 3-4 bar max. and you require 9 Bar at the group.

    I would advise you employ the services of a qualified technician once the machine arrives in Melbourne to attend to wiring where required to make the machine electrically safe and install any mods you may desire/require. Many of these old machines have the original mercury pressure switch fitted but it has usually had it. You may need to replace it with a pressurestat.

    They're wonderful machines and with a little TLC and tweaking can produce terrific coffee (I miss mine). Site sponsor Coffeeparts holds a comprehensive inventory of spares.



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    Just to be more specific about your questions, on top of Chris's already excellent reply.

    As Chris said, please employ the services of a qualified tech when you are ready to have it connected to your services.

    For the rest of it:
    " first concern is does the machine need to run with an external pump?, i have been told that if i have good water pressure i will not need a pump..."

    It doesn't "need" to run with a pump but will work as designed if you do run a pump. The pump delivers constant optimum pressure, while connecting without will result in fluctuating pressure which depending on the location and time of day could be way out of optimum range. Coffee making is about trying to control the variables, not allowing the variables to be out of control and therefore introduce inconsistencies in the cup.

    The machine should come complete with its own motor/pump, without which it is "incomplete"....kind of leaving out one of the group handles.....(it should come with three).

    "...However the seller informs me that it is possible to run without a pump. (very confused)..."

    Yes but see above.

    "....the machine has come with 2 sets of wiring connections....Now i presume to connect to the pump......and the other........has got me confused ...."

    One for power IN and one for electrical feed OUT to motor/pump BUT I am afraid that's one for a qualified espresso machine service provider.

    "...Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated..."

    They are the mother of the modern pump driven commercial heat exchanger espresso coffee machine and when you look beyond bells and whistles fitted to modern offerings, it would be rare to find a machine even these days that can make a better cup of coffee.

    That said....look for nice big green weep marks coming from the tops of the heat exchangers on the boiler. If you find them, the machine could be a dud, because in the event the leaks are bad enough that they affect the use of the machine, unless you are prepared to sling a pot of gold to a machine shop to repair the leaks / redo the HX tops, you actually may not have a functioning machine.

    Sorry to be the bearer of possible bad tidings, but you need to go into these things with eyes wide open.

    Suggest you get someone qualified to help get her started up so that can be assessed before money is spent on anything else.

    Hope that helps.

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    You should make contact with Ascaso in Barcelona (huge spare parts manufacturer & supplier) and find out if there is someone local in Barcelona where you can buy their parts. They supply everything you will need for your E61.

    In regards to your question on wiring, if you're still looking for information, just PM me and I can send you a schematic or photo of how my vintage E61 is connected.


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