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Thread: 10 amp espresso machine

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    10 amp espresso machine

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    Hi all, I've been given a task by the high school where my kids go to get a coffee cart up and running(WooHoo free coffee for me). The high school has about 1400 students and 60 or so staff, they also would like to train students in the art of coffee making as well (which i've been doing at another school for the last 2 years). I've been looking at the possability of a 10amp machine (any ideas), so the cart can then be placed at different events around the school. Would a 10amp be sufficent or would a 20amp machine be far better off. My only problem with larger amperage machine is the cart would be limited to 1 position in the school due to cost of extra wiring. At the other school we were only doing about 30-40 every morning but on special occasions anything up to 100.

    Any guidance would be greatful.

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    If you're expecting similar numbers of coffees to be made as the last school then I would think there are a number of 10A (commercial) single group machines that will be easily up for the task depending on who and how many people will be assisting.

    It would also give much better flexibility of where you can plug in.

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