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Thread: Brugnetti 40.7 programming

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    Brugnetti 40.7 programming

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    I have an old Brugnetti 40.7 (2 group) semi-automatic machine that has been in storage for 6mths since we moved house. When I connected it over the weekend, everything still looks to be in order however it will obviously require a flush and clean but the buttons on the front of the machine are blinking. I do not have the key to open the front cover so is there a button sequence I can push to re-set or ideally to retain the dosage last programmed on the machine?

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    Blinking touchpad LEDs usually mean the boiler fill has timed out. Switch the machine off and back on, repeat until the boiler is at the correct level and the lights should be out.
    The dose settings should still be saved on the CPU since it was last used. If you don't have the programming key then you can replace the key switch with a small toggle switch or just bridge the key switch wires to enter programming mode.

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