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Thread: 80/20 rule in choosing new machine

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    80/20 rule in choosing new machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I'm a newbie, obviously.

    Spent last 3 months carefully reading posts from here. My story is very similar to many: instant coffee (10 years) -> super automatic (10y) -> pod machine (2y - way too long!) -> ? (dual boiler most likely)

    My expectations and budget went from BES920 ($1.4K) to Expobar 2b, to Vivaldi mini, to Profitec Pro 700.
    So.... with my expectations and budget soaring, business case is not present or sold yet to wife, yet - it all got me wondering about good old 80/20 rule (aka Pareto Principle to some):
    In this case, and for simplicity, I'm looking only at DB machines (cons and pros aside):
    - Would 80% of machines (let's say $2.5K and above) satisfy many if not most tastes? Would paying $4K for, let's say profi 700 produce THAT much better coffee than $2.6K Vivaldi mini?
    Again, I'm not comparing bells and whistles (ie. Rotary/Vib, Plumbed/nonPLumbed, Bling/non-Bling, grinder quality being equal good (M4D)... - just comparing the taste in the cup... for Ristetto/Espresso?

    Would the difference in the pure coffee taste justify the difference between $4K over $2.5K ?
    this is my dilemma - there is no end of how much money one can spend on a coffee machine, but does that translate in coffee taste in a liniar fashion? Would a espresso from $5K machine taste twice better than from $2.5K machine?

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    Pareto works for coffee machines too. 5k machines don't produce coffee that is twice as good as 2.5k machines. Only you can work out the marginal cost/benefit. I, for one, am thrilled with my Profitec Pro 700.
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