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Thread: Question About Pre Infusion On Vesuvius Vs GS3

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    Question About Pre Infusion On Vesuvius Vs GS3

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    I have a question about the La Marzocco GS3 pre infusion needing to be around 4 bar. The reason that I bought the AV model because I was not plumbing in, was because the Paddle model would only reach 2 bar when pre infusing with the water tank. And I was told that this would not be enough for proper pre infusion. But people using the Vesuvius seem to be pre infusing at 2 bar. Why does the LM have to be above 2 bar?

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    Not sure about the AV, but tested this mornings cuppa on the paddle (with strada mod) for you and was able to pre infused at 2bar.

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