Hello Everyone,

I've been reading these forums for a little while now, learning a lot, and now seeking some direct advice.

I'm starting up a new mobile coffee venture and seeking your advice on what machine(s) might be suited to my needs.

We're going with a mobile setup, mostly running off a generator of around 6kVa, with 15amp power available (so around 4000/4500 watts max available to the coffee machine).

Our basic requirements are:
2 Group Machine (2 steam wands) / Volumetric / 15amp power

Space / Size is not an issue.
Group head height only needs to be enough for 12oz take away cups (won't be selling monster 16ozers)

Price point:
Outright second hand, we're happy to go up to $3,000.
Through a lease option, we'd quite happily head near enough to $10k for the right machine.

Coffee Throughput:
I'm anticipating our maximum might fall around the 100/hr mark.
(2 person operation, including sales processing & other drinks, what is our own physical max? I'm not sure)

At the end of the day, we're interested in selling the best quality cup of coffee we can.
Grind / Roast etc is playing a big part of it of course.

My research so far has shown my options are somewhat limited:

A LOT of San Marino Lisa's, with not heaps of really positive feedback - eg: running hot.

In my ballpark I see:
Wega Atlas 2 Group - around $4.5k
Elektra Compact 2 Group - $5.5k
Expobar Ruggero 2 Group - $5k?
Expobar Rosetta 2 Group - $6.5k

I don't have a leaning towards any particular machine / look or style at the moment, so maybe I can be swayed by your feedback.

I can't wait to hear your responses.

I'm based in Melbourne, and happy to be put in touch with suppliers as well.