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Thread: 3800 watts on 15 amp plug

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    3800 watts on 15 amp plug

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    The Faema has been running on a 15 amp plug...I have a feeling that unless you go to 3 phase you are stuck with hard wiring above 15 amps????

    Given that its been running for so long on a 15 amp (in theory at 240 volts it would draw a peak of 15.88 amps), I figure that if I get a dedicated high amp cable back to the meter box and its own breaker, that it could happily continue to run, even if the plug gets warm (not hot).

    Any thoughts....


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    Re: 3800 watts on 15 amp plug


    Id say (and without seeing it and or running my multimeter over it Im just guessing) its probably like my La Cimbali (and some other machines Ive looked at).

    If wired as per the included diagram.... there are 3 heaters on 3 phase but only 2 are used for single phase (presumably so you can use a 15A outlet safely). The position of the jumpers on the main switch only allow for the two elements to receive power (I "modified" mine so all 3 had power - hence the 20A - non standard run - and it uses a non standard connection as well.

    2/3 of the heater power is more than adequate for home use - and this is often used in cafes as well.... there is no difference to power consumption if that is the case (unfortunately).... it will draw 2/3 of the current but will be on for 1.5 times the period.

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    Re: 3800 watts on 15 amp plug

    Technically, you should be running a 20 A plug. My La Pavoni was fitted with a 20 A plug to run all three elements. It was rated at 4.6 kW though.

    I use the word "technically" in the sense that an insurance agency would if something goes wrong and an assessor gets called in to check things out.

    In reality youll probably find that the current doesnt exceed 15 A most of the time, as that rating includes all the electrical components. The pump motor is usually about 200 W and the solenoids are about 10 W each and a bit more for the control box. So if subtract at least 200 W from the total youll be drawing 15 A.

    As for heating in the plug etc, I dont think it will be a problem as these things are also designed with certain tolerences. In fact the resistance of the power cord may be enough to bring you under.

    If the 15 A plug is a manufacturer specced item, then "technically" youll be fine as the machine has already passed all the standards. If you are still uncertain, I would call a good coffee tech, who knows about these machines and find out whats required. I know a great tech in East Brisbane who is usually very forthcoming with helpful advice and who knows these machines like the back of his hand (having serviced and restored probably hundreds of them). If you want his details, drop me a PM and Ill pass them on.



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