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Thread: Brugnetti 5L boiler ????

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    Brugnetti 5L boiler ????

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    Hi Guys

    Time i make a effort to get this working now As my pid silvia has gone bust.

    What is the history with this brand/model & machine type
    all I know prev' owner(had small restaurant) said he bought "working" it sat for 2y before he plugged it in which tripped the breaker

    Does it look like it needs a full strip descale and clean before putting into service,

    it only cost me $35 of RTD's if its too far gone


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    I would definitely seriously consider a full-restoration/strip down if I want to drink anything from it.... Boiler looks super similar to my Brugnetti Aurora lever from 1980s (so may be yours might be from around the same decade/era - a possibility but unsure). Yeah, that should be a nominal 5L boiler. I said nominal because I've measured mine it was more like 4.5L fully filled.
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    I'd be expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. It needs proper attention either way, but if it's done for a few hundy it's money well spent.

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