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Thread: Recommendation Lever coffee Machine

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    Exclamation Recommendation Lever coffee Machine

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    I am seeking some advice-knowledge and a recommendation for 2 group levered espresso machine- gas powered.

    I have a small business, And I am planning on venturing out to the streets as well and set up a portable coffee cart that doesn't have to be powered by the 240 volts.
    I am seeking a 2 Group machine to keep up with sales

    So far I have founds this be quite overwhelming when looking online and overseas but also elusive when looking at machines and availability in Australia.

    From looking on the internet I found the vintage Gaggia lever espresso machine being used on a coffee cart.

    Here are the other machines I have looked at.

    Bezerra B2013 AL 2GR, Fracino, Ozzo, Bosco, Vasari - VASARI 2L

    I would appreciate any recommendation and knowledge these machines or any others


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    I've noticed the gas Fracino 2 group seems to be one quite commonly used in portable applications where electricity use needs to be minimised.

    But it's usually the pump version rather than lever. A 2 group lever will be slower than a 2 group pump machine. Without electricity, you'd also have to remember to do manual refills.

    I'd visit your council - as they will probably insist of having a powered fridge for milk and hot and warm water for washing up and hands respectively. You'll want to run a powered grinder as well.
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    +1 to simonko's above you will have to deal with inlet water pressure (i.e run a flojet??) as well as other power needs.

    You can run your gear off deep cycle batteries and an inverter. Cimi also have gas fired conventional (e-61) machines.

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