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Thread: Restoring Rancilio Z9 DE, need advice and manual

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    Restoring Rancilio Z9 DE, need advice and manual

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    My name is Johan and i have recently come across an old espressomachine that i will try to restore. Itīs a Rancilio Z9 DE.

    I wonder if anyone have a manual for this machine? I think it needs an external rotation pump? And i will order one soon, along with some other parts.
    If anyone have some experiences of this machins, or know what the most common is to fail on a machine like this, i will be happy to hear them.

    Here are some pictures on the machine and how it looks inside ;)

    Best regards, Johan, Sweden

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    Re: Restoring Rancilio Z9 DE, need advice and manu

    Wow.. Amazing amount of scale in the boiler! Looks just like Javaphiles boiler before restoration!:o Just had to say that:P I dont have any info about your questions though...

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    Re: Restoring Rancilio Z9 DE, need advice and manu

    Great set of pics there Rohan. Its a good idea to take them from every conceivable angle -- it will help later with reassembly.

    Ive seen worse, much worse. It may look poor, but a good scrub will reveal things arent as bad as they appear.

    It should scrub up into a neat machine. The volumetric touch pads are pretty generic, easy to program, and hopefully work.

    If you dont intend to replace the wiring, at least wire brush/emery cloth all connections.

    The element looks as though its capable of being reduced down in power.

    Good luck with the restoration -- once the citric acid hits the copper youll be heartened.


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    Re: Restoring Rancilio Z9 DE, need advice and manu


    It might appear a daunting task, but restoration of a second hand commercial machine isnt that hard.

    Most of the yuck is only skin deep and a good bath in citric acid will remove all the scale from the boiler and fittings. These machines are really well built and clean up beautifully.

    Strip it down as much as you can and make sure you remove all the scale from the boiler and the heat exchanger..... connecting pipes etc.

    If you purchase a secondhand pump check that the pump holds a steady 9 bars when extracting - if it varies wildly its probably time for a replacement - dont buy it!! CoffeeParts have a range of new pumps and motors.

    After restoration, the boiler pressure can probably be dropped from its higher pressure as used in the commercial environment.

    Once cleaned up you will have a great machine which will last many, many years.

    If you have any queries, be sure to post here - many of us have done this before and Im sure we will be able to help.

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    Re: Restoring Rancilio Z9 DE, need advice and manu

    Gday Johan,

    A BIG Welcome to CoffeeSnobs too mate [smiley=thumbsup.gif]....

    Wow! Great machine youve got there mate 8-).... Sure, theres a bit of work ahead but imagine when its all finished and fully restored, itll be a machine for a life of wonderful espresso and a real pleasure to behold. Great series of pics too Johan, really gives us all a great idea of the detail of the Rancilio and no doubt a good record of where everything goes once all the pieces are clean and ready to be re-assembled.

    Thanks for showing us your pride and joy, well all be looking on as you progress along. And just maybe, someone from this neck of the woods has some info or documentation that can help you out. I guess youve already tried the Rancilio website, your machine does bear some resemblance to a couple of the S Series Rancilio machines. Anyway, all the best mate.....


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    Re: Restoring Rancilio Z9 DE, need advice and manu

    Thanks! I will do some work on the machine tomorrow and also order some parts soon. I will report back and tell you how it goes :)


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    Johan, I recently purchased the Rancilio Z9 machine you described. Did you have any luck finding a manual and parts?

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    you may want to do more of your own digging as user inline has only ever posted in this thread 8 years ago and hasn't been here for 4 years

    best of luch though mate I'm going through a similar resto at the moment
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    hey, I have a De as well and recently pulled mine apart in order to put on a new facia. just wondering if you have any pics of the wiring you could post? Its the Yellow Green Red black and Blue wires going into the DPDT switch. Lost the phone I had the pics on and only remembered after I pulled everything apart!

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    Hey AllBlack, I am about 90% through restoring one of these and have plenty of pictures. Will PM you over the weekend.

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