Good afternoon,

Iím a relatively handy person, and would like to start doing slightly more in depth self-maintenance of my coffee machine (Izzo Alex Duetto II). This weekend I gave my machine its first full and proper descale (probably overdue). Then I thought, if I can do this then I can probably do a whole lot more in order to keep my machine acting trim.

Two reasons for this: (1) sheer enjoyment; I like knowing how things work; and (ii) saving on regular servicing costs. At around $300 a service, if there is anything I can do to reduce this a bit Ė Iíll be pretty happy.

What things do you think/recommend I can do myself? Specifically, which valves, gaskets and seals are the ones that I should keep my eye on? Finally, were you source parts from, and how specific are the working parts for individual machines and brands (i.e., will the various seals etc fit my machine).

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.