Hi all,

New to this page. I'm looking at starting my own coffee trailer in northern NSW. My friend owned a cafe that went under approx 18 months ago, she has had a coffee machine (Boema 2 group Classic) sitting in her shed since with an older model Boema grinder as well. She is happy to let me get it looked at but I'm just looking for advice on whether it is worth it or not? It seems in good condition but quite old. Is a machine of this age worth getting looked at and will it produce quality coffee? Or is it better off saving for a better machine, and if so any recommendations? Hoping for a steady stream of customers, with milk and milk alternative based coffee's. She said that it was purged before storage and had been serviced, but still unsure. Any advice or comments and questions are quite welcome cheers guys, Michael. I have no idea how to attach photos! Happy to email or whatever thanks