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Thread: TECH ADVICE - Rancilio Epoca De

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    Lightbulb TECH ADVICE - Rancilio Epoca De

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Wonderful evening coffee slurpers :-)

    Just looking for some tech advice or direction towards someone with experience diagnosising & repairig this model machine.
    Rancilio Epoca De - (Volumetrics)

    Have put my hand up to help a community group get their coffee machine running like a dream.

    Machine sat for a approx 2 years. Was hooked up before I arrived on the scene.


    Once machine is fully heated up I have noticed while running a cycle through either group head without the portafilter in the flow of water through the shower screens is inconsistent and spits out steam as it runs.
    Video attached -->> FIRST Video: HEAT, PUMP PRESSURE
    SECOND Video: HEATED at 1 Bar

    Pour with boiler manually filled with heating element off the operation of just the pump pressure at the group heads looks almost perfect with nice clean flow pattern through the shower screens and no spitting.
    Every now and then when machine water level green light is on and pressure is at or above 1 bar the first 3-4 seconds of pour are normally then it will spit out steam.

    Disconnect temperature probe from circuit board and heating element stops and pressure drops as a pour cycle is made.

    1. Machine has had good quality descaler run through it today. Only a bit of copper green/black weak tea strength colour water came out the drain.
    2. Removed Temperature probe (clean).
    3. Removed top housing of both flow meters. Weren't too bad but cleaned a little white scale out. Both LED show they are both giving out a constant pulse rate when pump runs.
    4. Removed left hand group head blanking/inspection plug. A slight white discolouring of scale.
    5. Removed left hand group head solenoid and clean a little scale of the housing ... this seemed to produce a cleaner more even flow through the shower screens which I am happy about.
    6. Disconnect pump outlet house from the machine into a bucket and operated. Visually and with finger over the end it has good flow and pressure.

    Is the water level sensor that is clipped on to the sight glass actually setting the water level height in the boiler by moving it up and down the sight glass?

    Anyone know inside the heat exchange cylinder the inlet pipe from the flow meter that fills the heat exchanger to provider the group heads with hot water .... what design is on the end on that flow meter pipe... could it be partial blocked not allowing enough flow of water which means the level in the heat exchanger drops and the creates a air space thus creates steam as it boils and that is the signs of steam spitting out the group head?

    I'll try attach video link and pictures.

    Thanks so much everyone,
    This is the second ever machine I have really worked on.

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    Not 100% sure Dropbox links work here.

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    Have you tried reducing the set temperature a little?



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    Could be a restriction in the Heat Exchanger loop. You can run some descale through the HX and see if that makes a difference? How long does it take to say get 80ml of water out of each group?

    Overfill the boiler by disconnecting the level prob fill the boiler up with more water once it is filled up a little. Plug the probe back in. This is to prevent the boiler from calling for water and then run your descale solution through each of the groups. Do this by placing the inlet hose in your descaler and then flush 100ml through and then let it cycle through for 5-10 minutes and then repeat the process another two or three times.

    You will then need to hock your inlet hose back up to the water filter and then flush lots of water through the groups to remove any traces of the descaler.

    Hope it helps!

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