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Thread: Mains presure overcomming boiler presure 1964 2 group lever boema

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    Mains presure overcomming boiler presure 1964 2 group lever boema

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    Hi guys
    I have a curly one here
    I have a 1964 model 2 group lever boema.
    I i operate it commercially and i love it
    I have it wired for 3 phase power so its epically fast to heat up and maintains presure perfectly.
    I also have it set up to run om lpg but are not useing it that wat at the moment
    The boiler fills no problem when its cold or hot whrn the boiler presure is low or zero. Eg turn off open steam taps .
    Once it it up to operating presure 21psi
    It wont fill
    The sight glass shows the boiler level getting lower and lower till i have to drop the boiler presure like above . Then it fills no probs.
    I am in a rural area so maybe mains presure is just not enough.
    The feed is only 1/2 inch and then it goes through a filter.
    I am thinking a pump to boost the feed water ptesure might be .my next step. But i thought i might put the issue out to the members to see if anyone has any thoughts .
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    Does it have a float valve for boiler level? I can't help with your questions, but am currently restoring a 2 group Boema Lever and it has a float ... I'm trying to think through how to transition to another mechanism to manage boiler level without mains pressure.

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    don't know this machine, butpossibly faulty water level probe. easy to test / replace if that is the problem.
    post a pic of the top of the boiler, and I'll see if I can walk you through it

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