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Thread: La Nuova Era Altea pours faster from one side???

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    La Nuova Era Altea pours faster from one side???

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    Hey anyone have any idea why my La Nuova Era would be pourng faster out of one side rather than the other?
    Machines works well but there's definitely a difference between the speed of the pours on each side...
    ie - one pours much faster than the other, even with exact coffee measurements and tamp pressure..

    machine uses e61 and is running through a good filter- it's a manual lever system.


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    I get this sometimes when some beans are over 3 weeks post roast and it also seems worse and more frequent during periods of hot dry weather. The Mazzer Mini e I use exaggerates the problem, I use some WDT to get me through those days.

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    Someone recently mentioned that this was happening to them and when they cleaned their grinder part of the burrs were clogged with ground coffee. After cleaning the burrs the flow returned to pretty even. Might be worth checking out your grinder.
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