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Thread: Low-power San Marino project.... can I swap elements?

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    Low-power San Marino project.... can I swap elements?

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    Hi All! I have a beautiful old San Marino 3 group machine that i would like to use for market stalls (20A is out of the question!)
    I am hoping to buy a 2000w element for a 1 group machine and use it in place of the current 3700w one.
    Totally accept that this will take twice as long to heat, but with fairly low volume it really shouldn't be a problem.
    my question: is this a viable solution? Will I blow it up?


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    It will work fine but will struggle if you are needing to do moderate/high volumes of steam or espresso in a short period of time.

    What's the estimated turnover per hour?

    Too many in a short time and the machine may start to run low on pressure. The temperature stability for the group heads is dependant on boiler pressure. Extended operation at below the set boiler pressure will reduce temperature at the groups which will ruin the espresso.

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    AH, i hadn't thought about that, thank you.
    I'm estimating no more than 10-15 per hour. Being the 3 group, it has a solidly massive boiler, i had hoped that would help.
    Quality is still more important than anything else but it really can't run any hotter than 8 amps. If there is anywhere else I could save power I'd be open to suggestions!

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