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Thread: Which Machine

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    Which Machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I am looking at starting up a mobile coffee site but want a fully automated machine rather than the traditional style machines. I will be serving food items with the coffee and would prefer to hit a button for coffe but still want ground coffee and real milk.
    I have been looking at the Jura range and they fit the requirements. It is many thousands of dollars to invest but wonder if there are any alternatives or not.



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    Which Machine

    There is really nothing at the moment that would do that well for any decent volume of customers. A great choice would be to not serve espresso, but choose brewed coffee instead and buy a Bunn or Fetco batch brewer

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    What about a Breville Oracle Touch?

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    Its only my opinion but you stated you are looking at starting up a mobile coffee site/van. If this is what you are wanting to do i would be cutting corners on the coffee as i feel this is what is going to bring the customers. Im sure the food will also, however if you are wanting to start up a coffee site/van, i would be wanting to serve the best coffee i can. Im not saying some push button auto machine wont serve a good coffee but if you are looking for something consistent and up to a standard that will bring back customers you would be wanting someone to man a machine that can offer that.


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    Most members of this forum either wonít know or wonít want to admit that there are actually fully automatic machines out there now that are almost as good as traditional machines. The catch however is their cost. I can think of two brands - Eversys and Franke, but unfortunately you need to spend around $20k to get the good ones. I think the top of the range Franke is actually closer to $30k.
    Jura are good machines for what they are. Both Jura and Delonghi make reasonable machines that are capable of making a palatable alternative to true espresso based coffee for the Home or office. I donít believe either of them really produce the sort of quality that Iíd be happy to use them in a commercial setting. I think you need to decide what your focus is - food, or coffee? If itís food then a basic auto coffee machine will be ok as long as you use it to the best of its ability and make sure that the food gets lots of attention and is really good. If the focus is coffee then you really need something better than a Jura. I donít think you can sit on the fence regarding food and coffee in a mobile set up. You can do both, but one of them needs to be the star.

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    I run a coffee cart atm from time to time for fund raisers etc. I have learnt that if you serve poor coffee either as a result of machine, user, or beans then your reputation goes out the window very very quickly. If however you serve really really nice coffee your reputation will get a good name and grow. If your labeling it as a coffee cart you need proper barista made coffee for sure. People are pretty clued into good coffee these days. However if its a food cart you might be able to get away with a fully auto espresso machine (this has been stated already...sorry for repeating). I know that it seems like you just want to be able to offer coffee if people ask as a side to your food and you don't want to get bogged down making coffee, however since I have started using a really nice blend on a good machine (I use a Wega Atlas 2 group compact for my cart) i can make big big money in just a few hours and often people will drink their coffee and come back for another 20mins later. From a business perspective I think it is always beneficial to show high levels of skill and attention to detail in whatever you serve. Or maybe don't serve coffee at all if its going to be to time consuming.

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