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Thread: Bezzera BZ40 Heating Element Gasket Keeps Deteriorating

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    Bezzera BZ40 Heating Element Gasket Keeps Deteriorating

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    I am having problems with my last 2 heating Element Gaskets Deteriorating, and eventually leaking in my Bezzera BZ40 after about a month or two. I have been using this machine for about 4 years without this issue, then for some reason, the gasket started deteriorating/disintegrating. I replaced it with the same part, about 1 month ago, and the new one is stating to go.

    Sorry my pic isn't that great, but basically, the gasket starts turning brown and green in some areas, and bubbling up. The bottom part also seems to liquefy and drip down.

    I have been using a "Carbo" gasket which you can find here:

    I see they also make a Teflon gasket as well for my application:

    Do you guys know what could be causing this issue, and if I should be using a Teflon, or a gasket of a different material. I am in the USA, and Bezzera parts are hard to come by. Australia has actually been my best source of parts.

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    The Teflon one is explicitly stated to be for your machine, the Carbo one is not. My advice would be to buy the Teflon one.

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