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Thread: To convert or to not convert - Faema Smart S-2

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    To convert or to not convert - Faema Smart S-2

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    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2009 Faema Smart S-2 described on the Faema website as semi-automatic, that is, it has just one button for each of the two groups. The button is used to manually turn on and off the water flow when brewing. The A-2 is described as their automatic machine and has 6 buttons on each side. It looks like there is the same size cutout in the machine so that the touch pads are interchangeable.

    Does any one know whether I can convert my semi auto to an auto machine
    so that I can use 6 buttons to control the amount of coffee brewed?

    If I replace the single buttons with the 6 button touch pads what else do I need to do to convert it? I think there is a microprocessor in the auto models but that is about the extent of what I know about the electronics.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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    It's a lot more than just some extra electronics - you need to add flowmeters, which requires replacing a lot of pipework to add them plus a bunch of extra wiring, plus the appropriate new control board and touchpads.
    Essentially you would need an entire A-2 to pinch all the parts from, in which case you might as well just replace the S-2 with an A-2.
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    Woah! Yeah doable, but itís a fairly big job and would end up being quite pricey.

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