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Thread: Rancilio S26 Boiler Rebuild - Gasket or not, RTV or not

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    Rancilio S26 Boiler Rebuild - Gasket or not, RTV or not

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    I'm in the process of repairing a Rancilio S26 that started tripping the RCD after being turned back on after a Christmas shut down.

    The boiler has been removed and put through a hydrochloric acid bath. The scale was 5mm+ thick - particularly at the water level in the boiler. The hydrochloric acid made short work of that though.

    My question is in relation to the seal/gasket when putting the boiler back together.

    There appears to be some sort of gasket retained on the 'lid' of the boiler - its black but very very hard. I don't think the boiler has ever been apart in its long life.

    There were just a couple of bits of the gasket that separated and were stuck to the boiler itself which needed a lot of rubbing with scotch brite to remove. To move it it needs to be scraped with something pretty hard ... it will not 'lift' and I'm concerned about damaging the surface making it hard to get a good seal again.

    I wonder if my best bet is to simply put it back together without replacing the gasket? What about using a dob of RTV in those areas where the gasket is pitted (look hard at the photo) - or use RTV all the way round? The other option is a mountain of elbow grease and a lot of scotch brite and I suspect bleeding fingers to try to remove the gasket - I dread the thought.

    Any advice or suggestions?
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    Well, I decided to start to work on the black gasket and try to remove it. I started with scotch brite. As I worked through the black layer, a green layer started to appear. As I got down to the brass, I noticed an edge - turn out there are 2 channels in the brass, less than 1mm wide under the gasket. I managed to get the tip of a knife into the channel and started to carefully work my way round lifting/scraping the gasket always guided by the channel. Sometimes 10-15mm of the basket would chip off in one go, in other parts it was slower going. Took me a good hour or so, but eventually I had all the gasket removed and could clean up with scotch brite again. New teflon gasket on order and I plan to re-install without any goop.
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    Good outcome mate...


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