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Thread: Cimbali M30 Bistro2. questions from a newbie

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    Cimbali M30 Bistro2. questions from a newbie

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Ive just purchased a used Cimbali M30 Bistro2, and like everyone else who has done this before me, I am without the manual. Ive done the requisite research (browsed forums, contacted the service company in my area, contacted the company directly, search the Internet, etc) but to no avail. Heres the deal:

    Machine is of unknown vintage (though I know they introduced this particular model in 1989), and I was told that it worked when they disconnected it but it has been sitting for over a year in a backroom. The outside is very clean, but the insdie is very dirty. I have removed all access panels and though the guts look dirty, they do not look damaged. I have a water softener tank that connects directly to the machine, and I need to get a new plug for it. Once the electrician comes to install a 220 circuit, Ill plug her in and go from there.

    Does anyone out there have any advice for me in terms of cleaning the machine, operating it, and getting it back restored to working order? I am happy to document my journey from purchse to refirbish to making the perfect (ha ha) cup.

    Thanks a mil!!

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    Re: Cimbali M30 Bistro2. questions from a newbie

    Good news Ivy is that the parts for this machine are still available ( IF you need any).

    Dont be overly concerned with condition inside the machine, just make sure though if you do clean it, there are electrical components in there that dont like getting wet.

    Fire it up once you have the correct power 15amp ( or can be run on 10amp with proper alterations by a sparky). Might be a good idea to get the sparky to quickly test before you throw it on.

    A machine that has been dorment for over a year may problems such as blockages. Turn the main power switch right one click, see if the pump kicks in, if it does, give it a couple of mins to stop ( boiler may be empty). If it does stop, turn the power switch over another click to the right and give it 10 mins to heat up.

    If it gets to pressure ( just between the blue and green area) that means its heating ok - just hope it cuts out. If it does stop heating when it should, press the start/stop button on both touchpads to see if they work.

    I think it may be safe to assume something will be blocked/faulty. ultimately you may be better off getting it checked out. What area are you in?

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    Re: Cimbali M30 Bistro2. questions from a newbie


    Just an additional warning,

    If you read the manuals I sent you last night you will notice that it must have mains pressure of at least 3 Bar on the supply side of the pump.... i.e. plumbed in.

    La Cimbali (and only a few other commercial machines) require that positive pressure (unlike machines equipped with a procon pump which will quite happily draw water from a reservoir). Running a La Cimbali from a reservoir will damage the pump - VERY quickly.

    Also the heaters in the 2 group are 3900 Watts so they require a in excess of 16 Amps.... Ive run a 20 Amp line to mine. The pump also draws about 300 Watts.

    The other option is to reduce the number of active heaters (3 are installed so it can be run on 3 phase).... if you only use 1 it can be used on a 10 Amp single phase supply, 2 heaters will be OK on a 15 Amp and you really should have a 20 Amp supply for all 3. Get your local electrician to change it if necessary (and to check if it is configured for 3 phase at the moment..... there is a wiring diagram under the lid of the electronics box showing the connections....)

    Good luck... and many great coffees.

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