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Thread: Profitec 700 Default PID Settings

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    Profitec 700 Default PID Settings

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    Hi everyone,

    Seeking the default PID settings for the Profitec 700. I've picked up a preloved unit which seems a little lacking in the steam department.

    The following settings were in the machine i have.

    F01 = C
    F02 = 7
    P1 = 2.5
    I = 0.02
    D = 11

    T1 = 94C
    T2 = 80C ( I think this is steam boiler temperature I changed it to 124C is this correct?)
    T3 = 93 ( from watching some youtube videos I don't think this setting is used.)

    E1 = 14
    E2 = 0
    E3 = 0

    There are some settings on the web but all seem to reference the US settings which may mostly be the same but I thought I'd check.

    Thanks All.

    After a bit more googling I found the pdf of the Celsius setting on the profitec website

    thanks All
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