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Thread: SAN Marino Troubleshoot

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    SAN Marino Troubleshoot

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have a 3 group head machine which was running great until... a mate (for some unexplained blind moment) tried to use the descaling head to brew. After tampering it & presssing the double cup button he wondered why it wouldnít filter through.
    After solving that, it now appears that this Head no longer has the pressure to produce or stret a coffee & it also no longer dispenses appropriate amount or switch itself off..just keeps running hot water. Tried dropping out the head & cleaned it thoroughly but canít help think itís backed up pressure has blown something..

    Any thoughts?
    Ive had the machine years without a hitch.. until now & itís driving me mad
    sorry for my lack of appropriate lingo.. I bought it for work & everything Iíve done fixed & serviced isself taught...

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    Is it only one group that cannot brew? Other 2 work perfectly?
    Which button are you using to extract? Again, does it only not work on that group head?
    Have you tried using different handles and baskets on that group?
    Have you tried manual extraction?

    Sorry for barrage of questions, but trying to eliminate possible issues.
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    If it is how I read it and your mate (? ...poorly choosen description !) has packed grinds into the blind basket
    and operated the group....then its likely that the brew path will be entirely contaminated.

    Completely strip and service the E61 group on that line.

    Are you using a water filter inline? Check for Scale on each groups mushroom.
    Whilst at it ...Test your water.

    PS don't leave said mate un-supervised in future !
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