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Thread: Old Megacrem - Advice

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    Lightbulb Old Megacrem - Advice

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    Hi, Newby
    Any help/ suggestion/advice is greatly appreciated.

    got a 2nd hand expobar megacrem 2g been working fine for a few years, replaced group heads 6 months ago when the solenoid pack up. couple weeks ago found under machine, water come out of one group head when initially switch on the machine but work for next couple days, then water coming out of steam wand instead of steam. turn off the machine to cool it down, check the level prob, clean and put it back, when turn on water coming out of anti-vac - suspect the water pool under the machine. ??cause of the problem.

    service/repair?/buy another one?


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    Since no one else has jumped in here, I'll have a go (disclaimer: I'm a Newby as well and maybe not the best for giving advice).
    From what you've said I would be questioning
    A) is the boiler overfilling(water out steam wand and anti vac valve
    B) if the boiler is overfilling how is it over filling?

    Assuming it's overfilling, I'd be thinking is the control circuit faulty causing over filling, is the solenoid to the boiler faulty (mains water pressure passing into the boiler?), is the heat exchanger leaking into the boiler.

    If the control circuit is over filling the boiler you would notice the pump running too long/too much more than usual?

    If the pump isn't running more than normal, maybe I'd be looking at the solenoid on the boiler fill line, as I'd be thinking a leak in the exchanger would be the least likely of the two scenario's?

    Maybe someone with more experience can chime in and confirm or correct my train of thought??.

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