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Thread: Orchastrale Nota

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    Question Orchastrale Nota

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello there

    I am hoping someone can be helpful, as it appears a lot of you are on here!

    I have been reading quite a bit, but confess to being in information overload.

    I have an Oscar, and after 9 years of faithful service, it is time to upgrade.

    The place I have gone to trade in and buy is offering me a very good price for an ‘as new’ Orchestrale Nota. They are telling me it is a great machine, with a rotary pump, etc... I can basically get it for around $2,500 (with a trade in on the Oscar).

    So... I am not sure if this counts as ‘extreme’ end, and forgive me if it doesn’t because I have posted here!

    What do people think of the Nota? Is it a good choice? Would there be a better choice in the same sort of price bracket?

    I don’t need to plumb the machine in. I have a Rocky grinder, which I am told will ‘do the job’.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Choko, I have owned a Nota for a couple of years with no troubles. It is the only machine I have owned so cannot really advise one way or the other. I have been told the machine is noisy, maybe, but not a problem, way quieter than a grinder even an Atom. Rattles from cups on warming tray is large part of the noise, has great steaming power. Water capacity is closer to 2lts rather than the 2.8 as advertised IMHO, not relevant if plumbed in (recomended). E61 so it is slow to warm up but 1800w helps this. Large machine but I can still get tangled with wands and levers so I would not want narrower, most snobs would disagree with this. Looks different to shiny Industrial boxes more so with the optional glass? sides, this might help noise as well? I would give Anthony at Casa Esspresso (importer I think) a ring just to check, the pricing (seems a bit much to me). Hope this helps. Chippy
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