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Thread: La Cimbali M20.... knocking noise

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    La Cimbali M20.... knocking noise

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    Just picked up an old school machine, cleaned up pretty good..

    All seems to be in working order, just one issue I would like some assistance with.. A knocking noise, seems water inlet area, as the noise does not occur if the water supply is switched off.

    Heres a quick video of the issue.

    Upon a quick inspection its the solenoid witht the clear hose, not the brass one thats knocking
    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    My machine is a little different, a Junior D/1, but it does have a similar "dosing" chamber (small plastic tank).
    My dosing chamber is filled by mains pressure via a clear plastic hose, so may be the same.
    I haven't got to this level of testing yet (haven't connected to mains), but I assume the fill solenoid will turn on when water in the tank drops below a certain level.
    If your fill solenoid is switching rapidly there may be an issue with the level sensor in the dosing chamber. Just a guess at this stage.

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    Will try switching nodes and see if that helps

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