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Thread: Rancilio S20 MIDI

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    Rancilio S20 MIDI

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    Hey guys new member here.

    Have been running a Silvia for the past 4 years and kept an eye on auction websites for a DB or HX machine at a good price.

    Well I compulsively purchased the s20 and didn't pay attention to the size or weight. Turns out the thing is massive haha.

    Anyway it was in a bit of a state when I got it home.

    Leaking boiler. And leaking element seal.
    One group head not working at all.
    Numerous other small issues.

    Tore the machine to pieces and gave it a citric acid bath. Inspected all fittings and solenoid.
    Replaced all the gaskets and seals needed including a complete steam wand rebuild. New bolts on the boiler etc etc.
    Inspected the control board and found an optocoupler was faulty so took it into an electronics place to be repaired and that got the rhs group head working.

    After reassembly have been playing with pressurestat settings and pump pressures to get the best extraction and steam pressure.

    Have really enjoyed the experience and wondered if anyone else has restored a machine similar or still using One?

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    Over 3000 probably not the right section of the forum but I have one, paid 250 working gave it a tear down and made some mods and it’s a great machine but power hungry for a couple of coffee a day

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    There are quite a few people here who have a commercial unit in their home, most of which were bought for cheap and they then refurbed/rebuilt it. And yes, they are big, heavy, and can also cost a bit to run (Not as much as you might think though. ). On the plus side many components are readily available tens of years after the last machine of that model was made, and given that they rebuilt it any repair should be pretty easy for them to do. Also as a commercial machine in a home environment if it's looked after it can literally last a lifetime.

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